Filtration system

Essential element for the good “health” of your pool

The filtration system of the pool has the role of purifying the water in your pool through mechanical treatment, so that it is healthy, clear and without impurities.

A suitable hydraulic circuit keeps the water crystal clear and transparent. The pool pump creates a current in the pool. The pool water is sucked on the surface by the skimmers and at the bottom by a bottom drain, it will then pass through a filter that will retain impurities. Filtered water is returned to the pond through the discharge nozzles.

The technical group includes the pump, the filter and all the ancillary elements (electrical box, automatic treatment, booster compressor for robot …). It is separated from the basin and is located in a technical room.

Specialists in water hydraulicity for your skimmer or overflow pool, we will know how to size your equipment according to your pool.

We equip or renovate your technical premises.

Among our equipment for the filtration system of your pond you will find:

  • single-phase or three-phase filtration pump
  • variable speed pump
  • sand filter, cartridge filter
  • 6 way valve
  • swim against the tide
  • pool electric box
  • parts to seal: skimmers, bungs of bottom, repressions …
  • pool projector: bulb and LED
  • water level management for infinity pools
  • PVC parts: valves, unions, non-return valves …
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