Water treatment

Chemical maintenance for clean water

Filtration alone can not eliminate all the impurities, it is essential for your comfort of bathing and to maintain a crystal clear water, to maintain a good chemical balance of the water by checking firstly two parameters:

  • the pH – the hydrogen potential, to measure the acidity or the basicity of a solution,
  • disinfection

Other more complex elements can contribute to maintaining a well-balanced water (TAC, TH, stabilizer …) and will be the subject of a particular analysis using a photometer.


You wish to set up solutions to automate the treatment of your pool water? We partner with leading brands to bring you the best products on the market:

  • salt electrolysis systems
  • electrolyser with magnesium salts
  • automatic pH regulation
  • automatic chlorine control (Redox)
  • control panels
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We partner with leading brands to bring you the best products on the market

Eco-friendly pool

Nettoyage et entretien de piscine - Les Issambres, Ste Maxime, Le Plan de la Tour, St-aygulf

3B Piscine is committed to promoting products that reduce the impact of individual swimming pools on the environment.

Eco-responsible swimming pools offer a sustainable alternative to traditional swimming pools and help to reduce the costs of water, energy and chemical consumption.

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